550 lm
4h 45min
10° - 70°
Q1r Rechargable Pen Torch
Beam: rotating Hyperfocus
Switch: All Metal Touch Function Button
Brightness Modes: Max: 550 lm / Dim: 125-6 lm
Battery Life: High: Max: Max: 1h / Dim: 2h 15min - 4h 45 min
Range: 100mtrs
Power Source: Li-Po 10780 720 mAh (2.66 Wh) 3.7 V. (Battery can't be removed)
Weight (incl. battery): 49g
Body: Dark Grey Anodized, High Strength Aluminium
Protection Rating: IP20
Includes Pen Clip, USB-C to USB-A Cable
The Suprabeam Q1r has been equipped with a powerful Li-Po battery, internal USB-C charging, electronic switch, and a super efficient LED chip. This perfect combination delivers astonishing 550 lumen, but the flashlight is still the size of a pen!
This extraordinarily bright penlight is the perfect tool for any inspection job, with enough power to light up details in the distance or in really dark surroundings. Q1r is as compact as a normal pen, and fits perfectly in any pocket.
Part No: SBQ1R
$110.00 Inc. GST