200 lm
10° - 70°
Q2 Torch
Beam: Sliding Hyperfocus
Switch: All Metal Touch Function Button
Brightness Modes: High: 200lm / Low: 40lm
Battery Life: High: 2h / Low: 5h
Range: 150mtrs
Power Source: 1 x AA
Weight (incl. battery): 80g
Body: Dark Grey Hi-Tech Compound / Aluminium
Protection Rating: Splash Waterproof IPx4
Includes: Batteries, Pouch & Strap
The Q2 is small and remarkably powerful with 200 lumens and a range of 150 meters. Using the larger Hyperfocus system from the Q3, it remains smaller, more light weight and yet powerful even though it is only powered by 1 x AA battery.
Part No: SBQ2
$79.00 Inc. GST