400 lm
10° - 70°
V3PRO Head Torch
Beam: Sliding Hyperfocus
Switch: Memory Touch Function Button
Brightness Modes: Max: 400lm / Standard: 150lm / Dimmer: 270lm
Battery Life: Max: 8h / Standard: 17h / Dimmer: <110h
Range: 210mtrs
Power Source: 3 x AA
Weight (incl. battery): 204g
Body: Dark Grey Hi-Tech Compound / Aluminium
Headband: Fits to 50-70 centimeters
Protection Rating: Splash Waterproof IPx4
Includes: Batteries & Pouch
The powerful LED headlamp V3pro, is designed with a meticulous attention to detail combing all of our experience in premium headlamps. Equipped with an array of our advanced technologies including a unique plug system for maximum versatility, and fully electronic control system with Dimmer and Memory features.
Part No: SBV3pro
$119.00 Inc. GST