1. Are batteries covered by the 2 year warranty?
Alkaline batteries are NOT covered by the warranty. Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries are covered against defects in workmanship or materials. This is a UK only warranty extension.
2. Changing the angle of the headlamp
3. Headlamp Light Control Settings
4. How can I get extra batteries or spare parts?
5. How do I connect the V3pro series cable?
6. How do I dispose of used alkaline batteries?
7. How do I get the longest battery life?
8. How do I know when rechargeable batteries are fully charged?
9. How do I switch between the flashlight / torch Light Modes?
10. How does the BOOST function work? (Selected products)
11. How will I know when battery power is running low?
12. I cannot adjust the length of the headband
13. I cannot change the focus on my headlamp
14. Keep your torch clean
15. My headlamp doesn’t turn on
16. My torch gets warm
17. Placing the batteries in headlamps
18. Prolong your lithium battery life
19. Proper and safe handling of lithium batteries
20. The back light is not working on my headlamp
19. Proper and safe handling of lithium batteries
22. What does IPx4 protection mean?
23. What does the 2 year warranty cover?
24. What is the best procedure for use of rechargeable batteries?
25. Why should I register my SUPRABEAM product?
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